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The Mission:

LinqMusic is an inherited site. I took over as webmaster in 2004. I have gradually been working with the client over time to update content, and gradually redesign the site, and add new features as needed, and as the client's budget allowed. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have created a brand new discography section, an online Press Kit, redesigned the LinqMusic logo, and added many other new features as well. Our redesign process is now completed. This is a great example of another approach to designing your site. You don't have to do the whole shebang at once. It is possible to build a site out over time, as your budget and business requirements allow.

Project Features:

  • Logo Redesign
  • New, more user friendly site navigation
  • New Discography Section
  • Online Presskit, Downloadable Presskit
  • Downloadable Press Photos

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